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New thinking,

break through results.

Success is important - whether you are leading self or your team.


At Lightbulb Moments Consulting, we practise and preach Success beyond success.


In your career, have you faced a challenge, where you did not win, but neither did you have any regrets ?


Instead, when it ended, you were very happy and proud of your honest effort and felt energised for the next project ?


We have helped many clients achieve this shift. Little wonder, that all our 80+ clients since 2011, have been referrals.

Our Introduction

In one line, we help you transition to a higher level of success in your life. At Lightbulb Moments Consulting, we are firm believers in improvement. It is something that is within our reach, and it begins with a decision to 'improve'.


We help you make a decision through a validated process; and then work with you to your success.

So that, when you step  out into the world, everyone notices the change first, before you do !

Image by Joshua Earle

We help our

clients strengthen their

talent pool

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